Štanjel is considered the pearl of the Karst, as it is one of the oldest and most picturesque Karst settlements. The narrow streets with stone houses contain a variety of stonemasonry products.

Sights in Štanjel:

  • A viewpoint with the remains of a Roman lookout or defense tower
  • Ferrari's Garden, designed by Max Fabiani and built between the two world wars
  • Štanjel Castle, which was built on older medieval foundations and fortifies the western edge of the village
  • St. Daniel's churh, which is one of the key monuments of Gothic architecture in the Karst
  • The Karst house with an ethnological collection
  • Austro-Hungarian World War I Military Cemetery, a resting place of the soldiers deceased on the nearby Isonzo Front
  • Lojze Spacal's Gallery, who is considered one of the most prominent artists
  • Storž's Gallery, where works by Anton Rupnik - Storžev are exhibited
  • Grajžar's Gallery, which hosts various exhibitions throughout the year
  • Gallery at the Valetovi, where they occasionally host exhibitions and other events
  • Fabiani's path, which is a network of walking paths between Štanjel and Kobdilj

Ferrari's Garden Ferrari's Garden
The Karst house The Karst house
Štanjel Castle Štanjel Castle

Important compatriots in Štanjel:

  • Lojze Spacal - artist
  • Max Fabiani - architect, urban planner, professor, writer, inventor, mayor of Štanjel
  • Jože Abram - Trentar - priest, writer, playwright, and national awakener
  • Anton Mahnič - Slovenian theologian, bishop, poet, writer, critic and editor

Max Fabiani Max Fabiani
Lojze Spacal Lojze Spacal


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    Lipica Equestrian Park
    Škocjan Caves Park
    Cerje lookout tower

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